Seal labels are used for permanent securing of products against their unauthorised opening. An attempt to remove a seal applied to the joint face of a device or software box will, for example, leave „VOID” text on the surface and destroy the seal, preventing it from being reattached. It is possible to use many other materials – e.g. a film that crumbles or delaminates if removed.


  • high resistance to chemical agents and mechanical damage (most commonly made of polyester or vinyl film)
  • used together with adhesives characterised by high adhesion to any substrate (e.g. oiled, powder coated, or plastic surfaces)
  • product information can be applied to the labels by printing machines (also in colour, using flexographic or digital techniques), as well as individually by the customer using label printers and high-durability ink ribbons


Household appliance, power tool, and electronic equipment (e.g. TVs, computers, and software boxes) industries