Double-sided adhesive tapes have an extremely broad range of application. Perfect for connecting various types of materials, especially plastics.
Foam tapes are made of EVA polyurethanes, polyethylenes (PE) or foamed acrylic.


  • used as quick and easy methods of combining various elements made of plastic, wood, wood-derived material and metal, with rough and heterogeneous surfaces
  • polyurethane tapes are strong, highly resistant to temperatures, and rigid in their structure
  • polyethylene foam tapes are flexible with good sealing properties, high thermal resistance, used for attaching elements, outdoors and indoors
  • foamed acrylic tapes are mainly used in attaching heavy elements, such as aluminium, PVC, and plexi shapes with surfaces like sheet metal or walls, they absorb shocks and provide soundproofing
Film tapes made of polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) films


  • high abrasion and mechanical damage resistance
  • PET film tapes are transparent, have strong adhesion, are resistant to humidity, oils, and UV radiation
  • used for connecting smooth surfaces that are difficult to glue, such as felt, rubber, and cardboard
  • PP/PE film tapes are used in industrial solutions, e.g. attaching linings
Non-woven fabric tapes contain reinforcement fibres in their structure.


  • resistant to the effects of UV radiation and material ageing
  • the delicate structure enables the tape to be torn apart by hand
  • used for connecting flat and slippery surfaces, where permanent and strong attachment is required
  • glass fibre reinforced tapes are also available, in different strength versions, e.g. for securing cargo on pallets


temporary markings in any industry, information plates, automotive, repair and construction, household appliance, radio and television product, electronics, and furniture industries